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The Ultimate Mosquito Misting System

Find the perfect mosquito misting system with Katy Mosquito Control Systems, LLC in Katy, Texas. We also carry an add-on pack, featuring 10 misting nozzles and everything else needed to set up a 150-foot nozzle circuit. All mosquito misting systems are not created the same. For example, an agitator is a must to ensure a consistent blend of insecticide in each mist, otherwise the insecticide will separate. Luckily, the Cube PRO has it all.

Cube PRO Mosquito Misting System (SKU: 11745HP-30N)

This 55-gallon, 30-nozzle kit uses Bug Armor misting solution and sells for just $1,925, with shipping available nationwide! This Cube kit comes with everything you need for a complete backyard system. Easily install it all in one afternoon, with no special tools required. To protect the longevity of the components, they should be housed in a protective enclosure, and the Cube PRO fits everything conveniently and safely under the protective lid.

Misting System Kit

 » Professionally Engineered, Programmable Controller
 » Up to 17 Daily Mist Cycles with Programmable Agitation & Mist Durations
 » Long-Range Remote Control (Must-Have for Misting between Scheduled Mist Cycles)
 » Agitator to Ensure a Consistent Blend of Misting Solution
 » Anti-Siphon Valve to Keep Misting Solution from Draining in the Event of Severed Tubing
 » In-Line Nozzle Circuit Filter to Keep Sediment from Entering the Nozzle Circuit & Causing Clogs
 » State-of-the-Art Technology That Can Run up to Two Weeks or 30 Mist Cycles on Stored Power
 » High-Pressure 300 PSI Pumps to Mist up to 80 Nozzles on 1,200 Feet of Tubing
 » Pressure Valve to Maintain a Constant Pressure across the Nozzle Circuit
 » Optional Solar Panel

30-Nozzle Kit Includes:

 » 30 45-Degree Nozzles
 » 36 union tees
 » Nickel/Brass Fittings
 » 6 plugs
 » 300 clamps (with screws)
 » 450' of tubing (black or white)
 » Tube Cutter
 » Free Misting Concentrate
 » Installation Manual

Extra 10-Nozzle Kit (SKU: 10575)-$190:

 » 10 45-Degree Nozzles
 » 12 Union Tees
 » 2 Plugs
 » 100 Tube Clamps (with Screws)
 » 150' of Tubing (Black or White)
 » Tube Cutter

10 gal Pynamite Mosquito Misting System with 10 Nozzle Kit & Misting Solution

10 Gal 10 nozzle Kit

Helps eliminate mosquitoes that may carry diseases.

Finally a Mosquito Misting system designed for smaller yards.  The 10 gallon tank is a perfect smaller, lightweight alternative to the larger 55 gallon tank.  Easily installs in an afternoon, no special tools required.  The Pynamite 10 gallon Patio Mosquito Misting system includes a short range remote control, 10 45° nozzles, nickel/brass fittings, clamps, 150 ft. of nylon tubing - black or white, installation manual and FREE Bug Armor misting concentrate.

Eradicate most mosquitoes, flies, spiders and other nuisance insects from your yard for good!

Easily attach the nozzles to the eaves and/or fence line, every 10 feet, for a complete mosquito free yard.  Attach this portable system to an installed nozzle circuit at home and take it on the road.  It's that versatile!

Add a portable riser kit and the optional cart with turf friendly tires to wheel this system anywhere.  The additional portable riser kits set up easily to create a mosquito free barrier anywhere the road takes you: weekend getaway, lake house, family outing, the possibilities are endless! 

All mosquito misting systems are not created the same.  An in-line nozzle circuit filter helps keep sediment from the water supply from entering the nozzle circuit and clogging the nozzles.  Additionally, to protect the longevity of the components, they should be housed in a protective enclosure, not just placed on top of the tank! And finally enj,oy your Pynamite 10 gallon even more with a remote control It's a must have for misiting in between scheduled mist cycles.

Pynamite nozzles are the only nozzles available with cleanable mesh filters. Sometimes sediment in the water will clog nozzles over time.  Pynamite nozzles do not require to you to purchase replacement filters.  Simply rinse the mesh filter and replace.  It couldn't be easier! 

EXPANDABILITY - add more riser or nozzle kits, system can handle up to 30 nozzles on 500 feet of tubing.

POWER - Plug it in and forget about it! Or plug it in to recharge the battery, this system has plenty of power to mist for more than 2 weeks without recharging.  


custom designed 10 gallon, all-inclusive tank
programmable timer - schedule several daily mist cycles with preset 60 second mist durations
remote control, sort range
state of the art technology, can run up to 2 weeks or 30 mist cycles on stored power
200 psi pump can easily mist up to 30 nozzles on 500 feet of tubing
pressure valve to maintain a constant pressure across the nozzle circuit


10 45° nozzles
12 union tees
2 plugs
100 clamps with screws
150 feet of tubing - black or white
tube cutter

Installation is easy and we are here to help before, after and during the installation.  Let us help you design your layout!