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"I am not an engineer by degree or trade, however I am able to discern a better design when presented with the facts. Always trying to support local Katy businesses first before going into Houston, I received bids for installing Misting systems from area companies. Due to cost and timing I had decided to install a small system myself later this summer. While attending the Merrell Center home and garden show I had meet Jeff and saw a better mouse trap. As unglamorous as a pump, timer and tank can be this was different. I had resolved to have a large heavy 55 gal drum sitting on the side of my house along with Pump and fittings setting on top for all the world to see as well as elements just because that is how they do it, right? Well the system Jeff installed looks nothing like that. It is unobtrusive, quiet and in a short time has already made a difference in mosquitoes. His very competitive quote made all the difference with a more comprehensive install than what had been previously suggested my other venders. Came when he said and stayed till it was completed."—Anonymous (April 2016)
"I have had my system for a year and love it! One of the best investments we have made! Top quality and excellent service. Definitely recommend!"—Anonymous (March 2016)
"Just had my Cube Residential install and it is one of the best investments I have made! My yard is virtually bug free and my family can enjoy our yard again. My dogs can also enjoy the system's benefits. No more brining in pests! The customer service was excellent! All of my questions were answered and the installation was hassle free. Great company! I recommend Katy Mosquito Control Systems, LLC all the way around."—Anonymous (March 2016)