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System Advantages

What makes a Pynamite system different from other systems?

·         Design - the Pynamite Cube was designed for people that don't want a big ugly 55 gallon tank in their yard.  The Cube tank is still 55 gallons, but only 26 inches cubed!  And all the components are safely and securely stored under the lid.  The small footprint is what every home an barn owner if looking fro.

·         Versatile - In addition to plugging a Pynamite Cube system in to a regular household outlet, the Cube systems can be attached to an optional solar panel.  Pynamite offers the only complete misting system that can be powered by the sun.  And if you purchase the optional solar panel you can take advantage of the Residential Renewable Energy Credit and receive a 30% tax credit on the entire price of your system - including installation if you pay to have it installed.

·         Guaranteed - We are so sure that a Pynamite system will transform your yard that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  If a Pynamite system cannot make you happy, we will give you your money back* 

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What are the benefits of the patio/portable 10 gallon system?

The concept for the portable 10 gallon system is unique to Pynamite. First, it's perfect for smaller yards that don't need a 55 gallon tank. But, even more unique, if you don’t need to be attached to electricity why should you be attached to one location? The portable system is small and lightweight enough to go anywhere. Just charge the battery and then head out on the open road. 

When you purchase a Pynamite 10 gallon Riser Kit, you get a 10 riser nozzle circuit, complete with 10 nozzles, 10 risers and 200 feet of tubing. You can set up your portable riser circuit anywhere: the lake, farm, hunting lease, family outing, RV park, weekend property, horse trailer, outdoor event, horse barn; the list goes on and on.

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When do I schedule mist cycles?

Moquito Control: set your system to mist at dawn and dusk and then again around 10 pm. Google dawn and dusk for your area - you might be surprised and remember dawn and dusk change throughout the year. 

No-See-Um Control: in addition to the mosquito mists, add mists for 15 seconds every 15-20 minutes after sunset. 

Fly Control: schedule mists at 8:00 am, 10:30 am, 1:00 pm, 3:30 pm, and 6:00 pm.  

How long do I mist?

We recommend a 45 second agitation and a 45 second mist, 3 times a day for mosquito and fly control.  No-See-Ums need more frequent, shorter duration mists.

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Nozzles, Fittings, & Tubing

Will you help me lay out my system?

Yes, all we need is a drawing of the area you want to protect and we’ll lay out where everything goes. Send it to Katymosquitocontrolsys@gmail.com

What kind of nozzles do you use?

We use Slimline stainless steel nozzles with Viton seals. We offer the ONLY nozzles with a mesh filter that can be easily cleaned when they get clogged from hard water. You won't have to purchase replacement filters like on other nozzles.

How far apart do I put the nozzles?

Nozzles should be spaced 10 feet apart. Risers should be spaced out about every 8 feet.

How high up do I put the nozzles?

Nozzles should be placed 4-15 feet high - typically on the 1st story eve of a house and along the fence line. Nozzles can be placed on the railing and eves of a second story if you are protecting a second story deck area.   

How many nozzles can I put on a system?

The Patio 10 gallon systems can mist up to 30 nozzles on up to 500 feet of tubing. The Cube Pro, with its high pressure 300 psi pump, can easily mist up to 80 nozzles on 1200 feet of tubing. Add an optional Zone Kit and double the misting capacity to 160 nozzles on up to 2400 feet of tubing!

What is the maximum length of tubing I can use on a system?

The maximum length of tubing is 1200 feet for a Cube Pro with its high pressure, 300 psi pump. Unless you add the optional Zone Kit, which will oparate up to 2400 feet of tubing.  The Patio 10 gallon system can handle up to 500 feet of tubing.

What kind of fittings do you use?

Our fittings are all nickel-plated brass push to connect fittings. We do not use any plastic fittings!

What kind of tubing do you use?

Our tubing is ¼” Nylon tubing with 250 psi operating pressure and 1000 psi burst pressure.


Can I keep the battery plugged in continuously?

Yes, Pynamite systems are designed to be plugged into a standard household outlet continously. 

How many times can I recharge the battery without losing battery capacity?

You can charge the battery over 2,000 complete recharge times (from dead) without losing capacity. Also, keeping the battery plugged in doesn't cause the battery to lose capacity.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

It takes about 7 hours to fully charge the battery if it was fully discharged.

Can I use the battery if it’s not fully charged?

Yes, the battery has Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) which will disconnect at 10.5 volts (stop misting) without harming the battery or the system.

Can I unplug the battery if I’m not using the system, like during the winter?

It's better for the battery to keep it plugged in at all times. The battery can be left unplugged and stored for up to 6 months, but you run the risk of it losing capcity and may need to be replaced.  Keeping the battery plugged in continuously is preferred. 

If the battery is dead, can I plug it back in to recharge it?

If the battery hasn't been unplugged for too long, it will usually come back up to full charge with no problem in a few hours of it being back on the charger.  But it depends on how low it goes.  If it has gone too low, it may need to be replaced.  We suggest keeping the battery plugged in at all times for the health of the battery.

How many mist cycles will I get out of one charge?

A fully charged battery will mist 30 1-minute mist cycles, which typically equates to 15 seconds of agitation and 45 second of misting.


What kind of motor does the system use?

We use the 12 VDC Permanent Magnet Motor, which is custom-designed to work specifically with our 12 VDC battery-powered misting systems.


What kind of pump does the system use?

The Cube Pro uses a high pressure 300 psi pump. It is the highest pressure pump in the industry.  High pressure is great for getting the mist farther out into the yard where the breeze will carry it around. The Patio 10 gallon system use a diaphragm 1.5 G.P.M Pump with Viton valves and a santoprene diaphragm. Recommended misting pressure is between 175-200 psi. Do not run the pump over 200 psi.

Solar Panel

Is there a money savings for adding an optional solar panel?

Yes, if you add an optional solar panel to a Cube system, you can take advantage of the Residential Renewable Energy Credit and get a 30% tax credit back on the entire price of your system - including installation of you pay someone to install it. Check out this link and talk to your tax professional: https://www.irs.gov/uac/form-5695-residential-energy-credits


 *See complete details on Warranty page